Compilation: Middle of the build

Compilation of the search program

Last time I had to write about tenth grade (for my WIP website), my primary sentiment was that it was a middle ground between ninth and eleventh grade. As a writer, once can definitely see superior attention to detail and consistency than is present in the ninth grade writings. There is, however, still quite a bit of creativity in many of the pieces. There is a decent analogue with the process of compiling a program because in the C/++ pipeline, compilation proper is the conversion of a human readable to an intermediary form which will than be assembled.

As a reader, I had really begun reading non-fiction in full force. Perhaps it was a reaction to having to study fiction in depth, something which, to an extent, robbed the fun from it, that led me this path. Another thing that definitely did was that I took AP Computer Science that year. The year before I asked Mrs. Hirschi what I ought to do for a summer assignment and she said learn Java, so I did. I bought a copy ofHeadfirst Java and taught myself the language entirely by myself. Even in this narrow field, this momentum was maintained as, having chosen to be the only person in Virginia Beach to take the harder AB Computer Science exam, I preceded to teach myself about half-again over the curriculum of the class. At the same time, however, I began to more liberally question some of my taught preconceptions. During 10th grade, I looked into several different philosophies reading books on many. Probably the most interesting and well written are the histories and textual criticism of early Christianity by Bart D. Ehrman including Misquoting Jesus

As a thinker, I had matured a lot. Its hard to tell in retrospect wether it was the result of some sort of personal discovery or simply the yielding of adolescent angst. Regardless, I got over several of my annoying habits or at least got them better under control and I came out of the little emo phase I had toward the end of ninth grade.