Linking: Bringing it together

hexdump of the program

The final step in the program creation pipeline is linking. It is at this point that the assembled object files are gathered, the appropriate libraries are added in, and a final executable is created. In much the same way, My senior year is and is supposed to be a cumulation of my high school career.

Bringing Down the House

As a reader, I have advanced pretty far across the spectrum on the Fiction/Nonfiction issue. I recently received a few Barnes&Noble Gift Cards for my birthday. Of the books I am planning to buy, I can not think of any that are fictional. Increasingly, however, I find that some of my favorite reads are amalgamations of fiction and nonfiction. For example a book which had a large effect on my personal philosophy (though probably decreasing) was a work (or three) of fiction, The Illuminatus! trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea is one of the first Conspiracy novels which included some real events and made some dubious claims about what was real and wasn't. Either way, it was a very good book, probably one of my favorites. The last book I finished was Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich. It is the story of a group of MIT students that ran a successful card-counting operation; it is the source for the move 21 coming out soon. Unlike the movie, the book is, in fact, factual, but the author, who otherwise writes fiction, wrote it stylistically like a novel. I definitely found in more compelling than a bland recounting of the facts. I think now that I am moving away from a time of required analysis, I will again gain a love of reading fiction.

As a writer, I felt like my years of experience came together well in my college essays. They returned to some extent to a creativity that made them compelling to read, but they were definitely well thought out and most, if not every, words were carefully selected. I find that I definitely am more apt to differentiate words based on connotation that I used to. I find that now, however, unlike 9th grade the hardest part of writing is starting. MIT admissions runs a series of webblogs and have students write for them. It seems like a fun job, but to apply I'd need to have a portfolio of an old blog. I have set one up and started drafting an entry a few times, but haven't brought myself to posting anything. Without having a deadline to push me over the edge, I'm not sure I can do it all very well. Oh well, I will or I won't. At least, I know I can.

As a thinker, I think I have advanced quite a bit. I do fear, as I've expressed, that I've lost some creative impulses. On the whole, however, I think I've seen in an improvement in myself. It is unfortunate that as the year draws to a close (now it seems too far, but soon it shall seem to soon) I have contracted quite a bad case of senioritis. Nevertheless, I know the conscientious person I really am is in there somewhere. This is assured because I am still finishing everything, just at a lower level of motivation. In any case, across high school I have learned a lot about Computers, Calculus, Physics, and even English, but I probably have changed more. Current motivation problems aside, I now know myself to be a very driven person who will work to get what he wants, a compassionate person who will try to help those in need, and a quirky person who should never feel the need to hide that fact.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my development.

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