Source Code: Actual Implementaion

C++ Implementation of Linear Search

In actuality, there is a step I omitted by going directly from planning to implementation, namely the selection of the right tool for the job. There are literally hundreds of programming languages to chose from, some much better suited to a particular problem than others. In my development to, this step occurred. Through the end of middle school, I wasn't sure where I was going to go to high school: Cox, MSA at Ocean Lakes, or Technology Academy at Landstown. Ultimately, though I gained admission to both programs, I chose Ocean Lakes because it offered a theoretical approach and I knew from my sister's experiences that it was generally a very congenial environment for high school.

I chose to show (on this page) an implementation of the Linear Search in C++ for a couple reasons: 1) I took Computer Programming in ninth grade, one of the last years it was taught in C++; and 2) C++ is a hodgepodge of Object-Oriented and Procedural programming practices. By my own admission in a Dear Reader letter I wrote accompanying my ninth grade WIP folder,

I have a very odd writing process that is very hard to understand for outside parties, but makes perfect sense to me. Due to this process, I also have a very special writing style; I can write both pros[e] and poetry, but throughout all of it there is a very unique tone and use of vocabulary. I tend to write in the moment and not plan a work beforehand; while this sometimes causes inconsistencies in a work that have to be corrected, it also makes my writing more interesting.

My retrospective critique is a little harsher. For the most part I functioned simplistically as a writer during this period, relying on ability as a natural writer rather than focusing on what I was saying. At the same time, I feel like these early writings show more creativity than much of my current writing. As a reader I was beginning to read more nonfiction, picking up both several computer manuals and a couple biographies. As a thinker, I was still a bit underdeveloped. Having come off a middle-school career with only a few friends many of whom were annoying enough to simply attempt to ignore the annoying tendencies of others, I was not in the best frame of mind for completely functional social interaction; to put it simply, the people who are my best friends now who couldn't stand me in 9th grade. I learned a lot about my annoying habits since then and have been able to mature a lot.

Implementation code from, screenshot self-taken