Portfolio Contents


Dear Reader,

You hold in your hands (or within your browser) a work created through the pouring out of a lot of passion. Granted, these passions were not always positive, but they were a strong nonetheless. In creating this portfolio, I have spent hours poring over a keyboard. Into this poring, I have poured heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears—tears of anxiety, tears of frustration, tears of anger, but even occasional tears of joy, hope, and accomplishment. Though few of these tears were literal, the exertion has been very real. To complete this assignment, I have spent several sleepless nights in work. The last one (or second to last, if the night of this composition gains inclusion hereafter) is especially notable because it was from a Friday afternoon to a Saturday morning. Given the fact that no assignments are usually due on a Saturday (this one included), I would suspect this to be a rather rare accomplishment. This portfolio has seen work on couches, tables, chairs, beds, and desks. Work has occurred in a library, in computer labs, in class rooms, from moving cars, in bed rooms, in a family room, and even in a college dorm room. It is by virtue of these great efforts and exertions, that I believe the portfolio now in your possession is a true, if incomplete, portrait of the author.

This portfolio holds quite a hodge-podge assortment of works and assignments. It all began with a web site which you are either already viewing or have in CD form within this binder. This website has a lot to tell you about my development as a reader and does so relatively effectively, albeit through the filter of a metaphoric computer program. If you haven't done so already, I encourage you to click around. Besides being a good reflection of my web development skills (which have been fostered largely through the overzealous completion of various English projects), these pages contain quite a lot of information on my development as a person and a writer. In case this information is not good enough for you, however, there is much more to see in my portfolio on these subjects. For example, immediately following this letter you will find a Personal Values Statement on exactly these topics. Though, truth be told, it was incomplete at the time of this writing, I believe that in the form you hold it, it should give you some insight into my development as a person and a student. If this is not good enough, however, there is some other information available about how I became the person I am and who I am still becoming. For example, in my memoir piece (which may be found at the rear end of this stack of papers), I reflect on my discovery of the college I am now to attend and on which I have been focused since that discovery.

Further considering the topic of college, you will find, following the Personal Value Statement, a revisiting of a topic I wrote on during the college admission in process. In fact, what you will find is an expansion of a short essay I wrote for the very school I am going to. The topic may seem a bit trivial, but if you read, I'd bet it can give you a bit of insight. Following that essay, you will find the meat of this assignment, what truly makes this a portfolio: you will get to look at some of my written work from the past. This includes both three different works completed for school and two poems written in my spare time, independent of school. Along with all of these, you will find reflections on their inspiration, development, meaning, strengths, and flaws. If you haven't gotten your fill of my poetry from the two old poems included, you can move on to a newly composed Metaphor poem implicitly about my development, achievements, and challenges in high school.

Moving back from the poetic to a focus on more mundane elements of this particular class, you will find a reflection and evaluation on the Hamlet Trial project. Following this, you will find a sample of my response to an AP-style open ended literature question. This particular essay discusses the importance of a Catch-22 character who never appears and is, in fact, dead throughout the novel. It's a pretty interesting read. Finally, to round it out, you will find the memoir I mentioned above.

All told, I don't know everything that this work will teach you about me. As I said, they will teach you a bit about my development and the way I value intelligence, creativity, caring, and initiative. They will hopefully show my own intelligence, creativity, caring, and initiative. Perhaps they will also speak to my credit as a writer. In any case, I think the works can speak much better for themselves than I can hope to do here, so I will let you move on to them...

Happy Reading,

My Signature

Donald Guy, OLHS Class of 2008